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The Pocky Chronicles I: Brazilian Pudding Pocky

12 November, 2008 (19:22) | Dessert, What I'm Eating

I am not a man without my vices. I am a regular consumer of macchiatos. I have a chocolate habit. Certain garlicky scents stimulate the withdraw-wallet autonomic response. I occasionally attend raves. I’m completely opposed to smoking, but if they are before me, I do have a pack a day habit:


Perhaps you’re not familiar with Pocky. This would be a shame. Pocky are a wonderful, very Japanese product, and have delightful advertising. They consist of a basic biscuit (in the British sense of the word) stick covered 4/5 with various coatings, typically some variation of chocolate.  Pocky are quite popular, particularly among Japanese teenagers. One of my favorite parts of moving to Philadelphia was that Pocky was suddenly plentiful and varied. They were a great study food, and even today I tend to munch on them in the midst of a productivity streak. Within immediate reach of my desk, on the shelf beneath the 8 varieties of looseleaf tea, are boxes of three different types of Pocky.

Glico regularly produces new variations on Pocky: Almond Crush Pocky, Men’s Pocky, Delicate Pocky, Pocky G, etc. Most of these are chocolate based, but not all. My most recent discovery was Brazilian Pudding Pocky, a flavor which didn’t even begin to fit into the Pocky Paradigm that I had constructed in my head. The box is unique in Pocky-dom, and was the first Pocky I’d ever seen to be centered around some country other than Japan.

The scent is delightful and tropic… Cocobutter and warm, sunny beaches. The slight swipes of chocolate dashed across the top of the stick is an artistic, attractive touch. The coating, “Brazilian pudding”, is like a cross between dulce de leche, Nutella, and yogurt, with a hint of chocolate. It’s a bit thicker than the usual coatings, and the biscuit tastes a touch sweeter. They are definitely evocative of my beloved Filipinos, which is a dangerous thing.

Certainly a unique Pocky, and even manages to evoke São Paulo a bit.

$1.98 at the underground grocery store in Chinatown.

Yes, I did consume almost an entire pack while writing this post.

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